All dishes at Avocados are cooked with the finest and freshest ingredients.

Not only do we bring the fresh ingredients, but we also bring expertise and experience to offer you delectable, authentic, Mexican dishes to satisfy your cravings, every time you visit Avocados.

We guarantee you will walk away happy with our staff, food, and services. We speak both English and Spanish to assure we are able to meet all of your needs. We would love to hear from you. 



Bring delicious, authentic, Mexican food made with the freshest and finest ingredients.




Miguel and Sonia Gonzalez opened Avocados in April of 2010 and celebrated in true Mexican style, with a party that included lots of friends, good music, laughter, and of course delicious food!

Sonia told her husband that if he was going to get back into the restaurant business, he had to “make sure it’s good food” so she wouldn’t feel guilty taking their children there to eat when they say hi to Dad. The restaurant’s name was her own concoction that represents things she treasures. Avocados are a healthful food, providing a host of nutrients such as fiber and potassium, which comes from her background as nurse. Along with the health aspect, she has fond memories, of visiting her parents near Puerto Vallarta, letting the kids climb the avocado trees to grab some fruit, and making fresh guacamole on the spot.

“I just knew it had to be called Avocados,” she said. “They’re always in my kitchen.”

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