Avocados Mexican Restaurant bills itself as “fresh and healthy.”

This means the kitchen staff uses canola oil and fresh ingredients, including the spinach in our quesadillas and the avocados in our ice cream. (Ice cream? Yep, read on.)

But with enchiladas smothered in sauce, the typical white-rice side and plenty of cheese to go around, don’t take this to mean low-calorie fare throughout. The typical Mexican dining experience can be found here, along with healthier vegetarian options and substitutions, such as sweet potato fries and house-made whole black beans.

As far as local Mexican restaurants go, Avocados meets expectations and at times exceeds them. This restaurant is worth a visit for fans of Mexican food and those who want to have some relatively healthful options when they eat out.

Owners Miguel and Sonia Gonzalez opened the restaurant April 15 2010 and held a grand opening celebration with kids’ activities and a mariachi band.

Sonia Gonzalez is a nurse, and she told her husband that if he was going to get back into the restaurant business, he had to “make sure it’s good food” so she wouldn’t feel guilty taking their children there to eat when they say hi to Dad.

The restaurant’s name was her own concoction. Avocados are a healthful food, providing a host of nutrients such as fiber and potassium, she said. And there are fond memories, too, of visiting her parents near Puerto Vallarta, letting the kids climb the avocado trees there to grab some fruit and making fresh guacamole on the spot.

“I just knew it had to be called Avocados,” she said. “They’re always in my kitchen.”






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10822 Evergreen Way
Everett, WA


Sunday - Wednesday 10:30am to 11pm
Thursday - Saturday 10:30am to 2am


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